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I'm not actively blogging here anymore. But if you got here because you were searching for something about bikes, you might want to check out my latest project, Vermont Goldsprints. In summer of 2014, I bought a used goldsprints racing setup and have made it a mission to get more bikes in more people's faces by putting on fun races in unexpected places. Come join me!


Today is Kate's birthday, and her Aunt Debbie sent these really nice flowers. I didn't get her anything. Just kidding- we had a nice dinner and a few gifts were given. I also pulled off a pretty decent chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. I also learned that when you are a third of a cup short on confectioner's sugar, you can substitute a third of a cup of extra cocoa, just watch the milk that gets added and probably use a little less.  Posted by Picasa


...Got back pictures from two of the disposable cameras at the wedding today- just wanted to share. Posted by Picasa


the water is running pretty high in Missoula County, with lots of rain over the last week and the snowpack beginning to melt, if intermittently. After skiing today, Kate and I took a drive out of Missoula proper through Milltown and Potomac. These places are not towns as they are not incorporated- they are just "places" along Route 200 as it leaves Missoula along the Blackfoot River, pictured here. In fact, Missoula city is it for other governing entities outside of the county. Anyway, here are some pictures to enjoy: Posted by Picasa

We drove this dirt back road along the Blackfoot River today. There were a few spots that were very rutted and snowy, and a few places with small slides across the road, but Kate managed not to put her fingernails all the way through the dashboard and the little Escort wagon performed admirably.  Posted by Picasa

Stellar view from the road along the Blackfoot, looking back south. There was a huge whitetail behind me just before I took this, but I couldn't get a good shot.  Posted by Picasa

Blackfoot River. Posted by Picasa

on our way back through town we swung by our new place- it is right in town so I'll be able to bike or walk to work. If you look at the middle portion of the house and imagine a line down the middle of that, we get the left side. Living/dining and kitchen on the bottom, bathroom and two bedrooms on top. We pick up the keys tomorrow.  Posted by Picasa

...and finally for dinner: elk filet wrapped in bacon and broiled with carmelized onions on top. Garlic mashed potatoes and spring mix on the side.  Posted by Picasa

Well, there it is. The end of the ski season, and I skied 18 days this year. Not bad, considering a six-day-a-week work schedule. Those 18 tickets probably represent about 17 different weekdns. What follows below are a few pictures from the last day. You may notice there aren't very many epople in these pictures. That's because the snow was softer the day before, partially tracked, then frozen solid overnight. Of course, I didn't let that stop me from a last run down the bowl. Well, on to spring and summer endeavors.  Posted by Picasa

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Well, the bike is all back together with all of the items on the punch list complete. Now that I have once again pulled this thing apart and scrubbed the grease and dirt off, I am making a pledge to only use a really light lube on the chain. I'm getting rid of my white lightning, which is a paraffin-based lube and switching over to tri-flow. WD-40 is right out. I am still considering clipless pedals, waiting for a deal to show up on Nashbar or Performance. The whole thing is running much more smoothly. The front fork, however, is really and truly dead and needs to be replaced. I've never replaced a fork, so that ought to be interesting. Well, today is the last day at Snowbowl, so Kate and I will be heading up soon, should be the last of the ski pictures posted this year.  Posted by Picasa


Bike Time

Spring is coming, so my version of spring cleaning involves the old trek 930. Last year I took it mostly apart to clean it up, this year, the punch list includes:

1. true both wheels
2. remove and clean the cassette
3. remove and clean/degrease the chain and chainrings
4. general cleaning of frame, etc.
5. scotch-brite the rims
6. reassemble and adjust derailleurs and brakes
7. consider finally getting clipless pedals

The long term goal is to dump the fork for a cheaper, lighter rigid fork. This is a 95 or 96 model bike, and the suspension fork has little travel and bottoms out under my considerable bulk anyway. When time and money permit, I hope to do a new crank with cyclocross single chainring up front and a new wheel built around an ENO eccentric rear hub with a fixed gear on one side and a larger smaller freewheel cog on the other. Lots of great information about those types of projects at www.harriscyclery.com Check them out, at leat to to read the column about the nutritional supplement "product W," now with theobromine!Posted by Picasa