Gone Fishin'


I'm not actively blogging here anymore. But if you got here because you were searching for something about bikes, you might want to check out my latest project, Vermont Goldsprints. In summer of 2014, I bought a used goldsprints racing setup and have made it a mission to get more bikes in more people's faces by putting on fun races in unexpected places. Come join me!



I'll admit it. I am a nerd. Case in point- this post on my blog (first nerd clue) is being drafted in Linux (second nerd clue) which is installed on a partition of the hard drive on my laptop, which I can dual boot into either Linux Mint or XP (third nerd clue). With that out of the way, I have to say, I like Mint quite a lot. You can download it and burn it to a bootable disk and run it live off the disk to see if it will work for you, then install it if you like it- it walks you through the partition process and comes with mp3 and dvd codecs out of the box, which most other Linux distros do not do, as those codecs are technically proprietary. It's based on Ubuntu, another popular distro out there. In short, for anybody who has an old laptop or desktop, Mint seems like a great way to get going with email, DVD and music play, internet access, etc.


Missoula Sunset Tonight

Food Weekend

It was a long weekend, although I worked Saturday at REI, so actually, it was a regular weekend, but a long weekend as far is it goes for weekends for me. We didn't do much but there was much cooking and a few decent recipes came out of it. Friends Mylee and Vassily came over for dinner Sunday night, so that put me in the cooking mood for the weekend. Saturday night: Tom Kha Gai: Boil 4C of chicken broth with the zest of one lime, one stalk of crushed lemongrass, and 2 TB crushed ginger. Add 2 cans coconut milk and bring to a boil again. Add 3TB thai fish sauce or oyster sauce, 1TB red chili paste. Add 2 brests of chicken or briks of tofu and simmer until cooked. Add 1lb sliced mushrooms and continue to simmer until they are cooked. Serve in big bowls with fresh cilantro leaves and paper-thin slices of chilis on top. This stuff was great, kept well through the weekend, and we really enjoyed it. Sunday: Calzones Make dough. I use 4C flour, a pinch of salt, and a tsp of yeast that has been proofed in 1.5C warm water and 1TB olive oil. Knead with a hook on a stand mixer for 20 minutes, let rise 1 hour. Cut into 8 pieces and let them rise another hour. Then roll them into balls and let rise another hour. Flatten and fill with ricotta, mozzarella, olives, caramelized onions, pepperoni and whatever you can think of. Bake on pizza stone in a 500 degree oven that has been preheating for at least an hour. Serve with sauce. Sunday Dessert: Sweet Cheesecake Wontons Combine 8oz Cream cheese and 1/3 C white sugar. Add 1 egg and a splash of vanilla, then 1/4C flour. Spoon the mixture into a pastry bag or spritz cookie gun and chill. Use this mixture to fill square wonton shells that are sealed shut into triangles using beaten egg as a sealant and pressing the edges together. Move them to the freezer as you go, where they will keep for a week or so. Heat oil 1.5-2" deep to 350 degrees and fry wontons a few at a time until golden brown and crispy on both sides. Drain on paper towels. Serve with 1lb strawberries that have been crushed with a little sugar and vanilla. ice cream would be good, too. Monday Dinner: Enchilada Casserole Put a little bit of enchilada sauce from a 14oz can into the bottom of a 13X9 pan. smear six small (6") corn tortillas with refried beans (I use fat-free black beans for this), then layer on some stewed chicken, grated cheddar cheese, and a little more sauce. Using 24 tortillas, one can of enchilada sauce, 2 chicken breasts, one can of beans and 8oz cheddar, you should be able to do 4 layers like this. Try to end up with about 1/3 of the cheese and half of the enchilada sauce at the end so you can cover the whole top of the thing with sauce and a good layer of cheese on top. Bake this at 350 degrees for about 30-40 minutes, until the cheese is melted on top. Let rest 10 minutes to firm up. Cut into 3" squares and serve. Sorry, no pictures, it all went pretty fast.