Gone Fishin'


I'm not actively blogging here anymore. But if you got here because you were searching for something about bikes, you might want to check out my latest project, Vermont Goldsprints. In summer of 2014, I bought a used goldsprints racing setup and have made it a mission to get more bikes in more people's faces by putting on fun races in unexpected places. Come join me!



I kicked over 200 miles for 2008 tonight- it puts me a tiny bit behind on the year, but not much. I'm hoping for 36/week, all this year, and a goal this summer of getting a little faster. I skied up at Snowbowl a bit on Sunday and was appalled at how much my calves and quads hurt. Still, the powder was deep and it wasn't too bad for my second day skiing, and it's still more skiing than I did last year. I'm really also hoping to do a bunch more cycling this spring and summer, and hope to set up some sort of road bike so I'm not chasing Kate's sleek machine on my fender-ed, 26-inch tired converted mountain bike (pics and project description still forthcoming). Winter is fun and all, but I have discovered it isn't nearly as fun when you aren't putting in a bunch of ski days for the season. I find myself already longing for spring, for a little dry pavement, for a little daylight when I get home for work. It's coming, but it sure isn't here yet.

In other news I watched a pair of bald eagles chase about 1,000 ducks off the Clark Fork River right in the middle of town las week. It was cool to hear all the feathers and racket while the two big eagles just coasted down the river like a highway.