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I'm not actively blogging here anymore. But if you got here because you were searching for something about bikes, you might want to check out my latest project, Vermont Goldsprints. In summer of 2014, I bought a used goldsprints racing setup and have made it a mission to get more bikes in more people's faces by putting on fun races in unexpected places. Come join me!


25 Things About Me

There's been this thing going around on Facebook for the last few weeks, and I've been tagged at least twice.  Since this blog posts to Facebook anyway, I'll do my 25  Things right here and avoid having to tag anybody else. Of course, there are far more than 25 things about me right here on the blog, so this post would be more accurately titled "25 Things About Me that are Interesting Enough to Put into a List But do not Merit Their Own Individual Blog Posts."  Actually, that's not true either.  Some of these things have merited some sort of blog post, so I have linked where appropriate.

1. When I grind pepper, I always turn the grinder in multiples of seven.  Food superstition, I guess.
2. I was born with bent or twisted tibiae, so my feet were turned in.  I slept with a brace that looked like shoes bolted to a board, had orthopedic shoes, and worked really hard to walk with my feet pointed out.  I don't notice any problems today, other than rolling an ankle while running now and then.
3. I own diatonic harmonicas in twelve keys as well as a chromatic harmonica.  I haven't played them in awhile but hope to soon.
4. I don't have a television.  I try really hard to not be one of those annoying people without a television, but sometimes I can't help but mention how nice it is not to have one.
5. I used to have really big speakers in the back of my car in high school and college.  They were wired to switches I mounted in my dashboard.  We referred to these as "coolness switches."
6.  I am on and off runner.  When I start running after lapsing out of running for a while, I usually run the same seven-week pattern of runs to build mileage. I run six days a week and the mileage looks like this: 444444R, 444446R, 444646R, 464646R, 464648R, 464848R, 4648410R.
7. With unlimited resources, I would probably own a huge music library.  I love going to music stores and previewing discs, and would probably buy about 3/4 of what I listen to, given the chance.
8. I spent a semester in Copenhagen during my junior year of college.  Living in a city that was so perfectly geared to bikes and pedestrians that also had an excellent public transit system was part of that experience that I didn't think much about at the time. I have come to understand that being there was probably the catalyzing event that has led me to working in land use planning today.
9. I was class president my senior year in high school.
10. I like remixes and mashups, and often own music in those forms without owning the original albums.
11. I love to cook.  I'm a big fan of pizzas and breads, roasts and stews, and anything that requires some special gadget to do correctly. I wish I was better with vegetables, which is where I am the most conservative.
12. I have skied since I was three years old, raced in high school and taught lessons in Vermont and Montana. I miss teaching because I really like working with kids, and don't get to do so at all in my day job. 
13. I could not be happier about living in Vermont again.  Although I could have stayed in Missoula for awhile longer, I love being around so many friends.  Living on the Cape after college felt like an isolation tank where my then-girlfriend-now-wife Kate and I felt like we were the only ones under the age of 55 on the whole peninsula.
14.  My wife and I have shared a single car for the last couple of years.
15. I like primitive photography, and have a well-modified Holga that I haven't used in awhile, but I've always really liked the pictures I get with it. Now that I have a house with a basement and a sink in the basement, I hope to set up a darkroom at some point.
16. I don't like horror movies at all, and I also refuse to watch movies where the boat sinks.
17. After much encouragement from Kate, I have been doing yoga a few times a week.  My hamstrings, hips and calves are horribly tight from years of running without really ever stretching, but the yoga is already helping.
18. Although I like going out, but I like having friends over even more.
19. I used a big huge skateboard to get around during college 10 years ago.  It had "all-terrain" wheels that looked like they came off of a Tonka truck.
20. I believe in true love and love at first sight.
21. I own five bicycles and two unicycles.  I ride three of the bikes and one of the unicycles pretty regularly.
22. I love reading and writing poetry, but can't stand self indulgent writing workshops, slam poetry or street poetry. 
23. I'm addicted to Google Earth and a bit of a GIS nerd to boot.  I love looking at old maps, new maps, maps of places I've been before and places I'll probably never get to.  Sometimes I'll zoom Earth in and just start the map moving, leave it running in the background for an hour or so, and come back to see where I've ended up.
24. I can't stand slow walkers who block the path, sidewalk, or aisle at the store. That goes double for cart-leaners and shufflers at Costco.
25. I love a good snowstorm.