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Dan's Stimulus package CVT Road Bike II: The Ground-Up Build

Dan commented on my last stimulus bike project post that he'd be interested in exploring the "scratch" or "ground-up" build of a CVT road bike some more. So, I'm going to take a stab at it here.  He also mentioned that he could do without the rack, fenders and chain guard, so that opens up a little budget money for some other things.  In an attempt to see what we might be able to do, I headed over to the super-secret discount bike parts store and put together a shopping cart. I started with the frame, and for each part, I sorted for the cheapest compatible part and went with that.  here's what I came up with:

Remove Description Item No. Size/Color QTY. Price Total
X Nashbar Double-butted Aluminum Road Frame NB-RDBAF 52- - - -   $149.99 $149.99
X Nashbar Carbon Road Fork NS-CRF 1/8  $79.99 $79.99
X Tange LAV-82 1-1/8" Threaded Headset TN-TH8 $39.95 $39.95
X Nashbar ISIS Trekking Crankset 48/38/28 NS-CTC 175  $69.99 $69.99
X Nashbar Deluxe Alloy Stem 26.0mm NS-DS 100  $24.99 $24.99
X Nashbar 7075 Lite Road Handlebar NS-LRHB 42  $27.99 $27.99
X Nashbar Aero Brake Levers NS-ABL $19.99 $19.99
X Nashbar Jail Brake Road Calipers NS-RBCL $34.99 $34.99
X Nashbar Mechanical Disc Brake Cable and Housing Set NS-MDBC $7.99 $15.98
X Nashbar 6/7 Speed Chain NS-CCH $14.99 $14.99
X Velocity Deep V Rim VL-DVR W- - - -   $54.99 $109.98
X Nashbar Front Hi-Flange Track/Road hub NF-GHF $29.99 $29.99
X Nashbar 300mm Seatpost NS-SP3 26.8  $24.99 $24.99
X Selle Royal Freccia Men's Saddle YS-FRECM - - - -   $17.99 $17.99
X Nashbar Rim Strips NS-RS1 $1.99 $3.98
X Nashbar Cage Pedal NS-CGP $12.99 $12.99
X Nashbar ISIS Bottom Bracket NS-ISBB 68X113  $24.99 $24.99
X Nashbar Long Valve Road Tube NT-LV 700  $4.99 $9.98
X Hutchinson Equinox Wire Bead Tire YT-EQW RD- - - -   $9.99 $19.98
Subtotal: $733.72
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That covers all of the parts except for the CVT Hub, spokes for the front and rear wheel, and maybe some headset spacers and grease. I can't belive the cheapest 700c rims on Nashbar were Velocity Deep V's. but so goes it and they would look pretty sweet in this application anyway.   So, What's our total:

Nashbar Bits:    773.72 (I'm guessing 40 bucks on the shipping)
Nuvinci CVT:      350.00  
Spokes:                42.25 (for both wheels, I checked what I paid when I built my most recent set)
Hubub Adapter    70.00 (shipped, again an estimate)
Chain tensioner   40.00 (shipped- we might be able to get away without this, but I'm reservinf judgement for a bit there)

Total:                 1275.97

More than the Cadillac we started with, but we're now talking about a CVT road bike with hand-built Velkocity Deep-V wheels and pretty nice parts. (a carbon fork, even!)

Some ways we could save some bucks on this would be to source parts a little more carefully, perhaps mixing in some eBay purchases and things from some other retailers. We could also hit Nashbar on one of their (very few) "20% off everything" sales, which would save us about 140 bucks.

Oops- There's one more thing:  we may have to use a cross or touring frame.  Conflicting web research suggests that the NuVinci needs 135mm dropout spacing.  Many cross frames come that way, and Surly also does a bunch of frames with patented "gnot right" spacing of 132.5mm, allowing the use of 130mm road hubs or 135 mm mountain hubs.  Just a nagging detail to sort out. Nashbar does the same 132.5 spacing, and a touring frame and fork combo is 199- which would save us a few bucks.  A cross frame and fork combo right now would add a few bucks to the build.