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Why I miss Denmark

In 1998 I spent a semester in Copenhagen. Spring in Denmark is probably one of the best times of year in one of the best places on earth. In my Danish Language class, I recall our teacher telling us that being away from Denmark in spring brings a tear to a Dane's eye, and even more than 10 years later, I still miss that one magical spring that I was able to have there.

There's another reason that I miss Denmark, though. It has to do with the culture of congeniality and friendliness that practically radiates from everything around you there. There is a sort of "we are all in this together" attitude that permeates the place. An so here's this video, of danish police giving out free hugs and helmets. In the US, we get Officer Patrick Pogan clotheslining a Critical Mass rider, in Denmark, free hugs.

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via Boing Boing by Mark Frauenfelder on 4/28/09

Video of police in Denmark stopping bicyclists, hugging them, and giving them helmets. Happiness all around.

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