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The Effective Rim Diameter (ERD) of a Weinmann DP18 is 581mm

There you go, Internet: my little contribution to your vast sea of information.  

I hope people who build up a set of these rims in the future will be able to find the title of this post, instead of having to ask the vendor, which is what I did.  Thanks, Niagara Cycle Works!  For a rim that I see all over the place on economy fixed-gear wheelsets, it amazes me that not one catalog I searched and not even the Weinmann home page seemed to contain this critical bit of information.  Sure, you can wait until the rims arrive and measure this dimension itself, but what if you get impatient like me and want to order your spokes at the same time you order your rims?  Crazy, I know.

(My rims for the Trek 460 project arrived today, and boy are they yellow.  Just like the ones in the picture, but with a machined brake track.)