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Fixing the Canoe Seats

Last weekend, I repaired the stern seat of our canoe (the cane gave
way). Since I had enough stuff, I did the bow seat as well. Here are
my observations:
1. Soak the cane for a minmum of two hours. It will take that long to
get the old cane out of the seats and get the groove in the seat
frames really clean anyway.
2. If you use a really sharp chisel to clean the seat grooves, you'll
probably stab yourself in the leg with it at leats once.
3. The cane has a right and a wrong side. Putting it in wrong side up
will bend it the wrong way and cause the individual strands to break.
You'll have to rip it out and do it again.
4. There is no such thing as too much glue.
5. This takes about four hours from start to finish.
6. when you think you have the seat grooves clean enough, set them
aside with a little vinegar and water in the groove, then go back and
do them again.
7. The cane will shrink to make the seats a little more taut than when
you set them at first, but not by much. I would have stretched these
a little tighter if I had known that.

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