Gone Fishin'


I'm not actively blogging here anymore. But if you got here because you were searching for something about bikes, you might want to check out my latest project, Vermont Goldsprints. In summer of 2014, I bought a used goldsprints racing setup and have made it a mission to get more bikes in more people's faces by putting on fun races in unexpected places. Come join me!


The First Time You meet an Internet Meme in Person...

...It can be a little unsettling. Here's a link for those who have no idea what I am talking about. I couldn't help but think of this when my dad pulled his Sprite (left) next to this other one with a slightly different grill. The Sprite is a pretty "smiley" looking car anyway, but my dad's looked downright serious compared to this one that was missing a good portion of its hood chrome. The whole British Invasion show was great as usual, with the bonus of excellent top-down weather for the drive from Monkton to Stowe and back. More pictures here.
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