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I'm not actively blogging here anymore. But if you got here because you were searching for something about bikes, you might want to check out my latest project, Vermont Goldsprints. In summer of 2014, I bought a used goldsprints racing setup and have made it a mission to get more bikes in more people's faces by putting on fun races in unexpected places. Come join me!


Home Improvement: Kitchen Cabinet Removal

Remember Glasnost?  Openness.  That's what we wanted in the kitchen and dining room, and one night after yet another bumped head, the frustration had mounted enough that I got out the screwdriver.  An hour later, the cabinets between the kitchen and dining room were gone. 

The eventual plan is to install a range top in the now-uncovered counter, moving the oven from where it is and the fridge to where the oven is now, all of the appliances rotating counterclockwise and leaving greater room in the middle of the floor.  I hope that where the cabinets were mounted, I might be able to install a hood/fan/light unit. It's a straight shot to the exterior wall for ductwork, which is nice. 

I was able to deal with the loss of cabinet space pretty easily.  In the long term, though, as more space is lost to the relocated stove and an eventual dishwasher, we'll have to look at maximizing those two corner cabinets with some sort of lazy susan arrangement.