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Brewing Journal: Batch #6, Entry #3

Tasted batch #6, Hard Cider.  Well, actually, I have been tasting some of this all along. I made a 6 gallon batch and drank the first gallon over the last month from growlers- the part that did not get any carbonating sugar, lactose, or maple syrup. The stuff in the growlers wasn't very good. Very young, very, very dry and sour on the finish. 

Now for the stuff from the keg. I chilled it down to 40 degrees and tapped in. It is not overly sweet, but the "take your breath away" dryness has subsided and there is a little bit of mouth feel there. Big, big apple flavor, just like biting into a Mac at Boyers. Then, bubbles on the tongue, almost like champagne. Dry finish, no aftertaste at all.  I would be proud to serve this to anyone.  No vinegar at all, so I must have kept the acetobacter at bay. 

Notes for next year: My only quibble here is that I should have given it a nice long secondary. It is pouring golden yellow now with very little haze, but occasionally the keg pulls a few particles of brown sediment that kind of float around. It's merely aesthetics, though.  I'd consider bottling this next time to give out as presents, also might consider a double batch if a lot is going to be given away.