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The Indignity of Commuting by Bicycle: Flats

Yup, that's a staple right though my tire, the Mr. Tuffy strip inside the tire, and the tube, of course. Happened halfway though my morning commute today. I pulled off to the side of the road and replaced the tube with the brand new spare I had in my bag, and was on my way and at work with time to shower as usual, but still.

Nothing looks sillier than a person in bike clothes (black tights and a neon green windbreaker) when that person is no longer on the bike.

Anyway, darkness has fallen on my evening commute, which makes things all the more interesting. I'm lit up like you wouldn't believe; front blinky light, front headlight, rear tail light, rear light on my back, reflective stuff all over...

And still there are people who "don't see" me.  Oh wait, yeah, they do. They just like to drive up real nice and close and let out a big diesel rev to make sure I know they could crush me if they wanted to.  Picture a four-lane road, with no shoulder, but never enough traffic around to fill both lanes. I'm all the way over to the right, the steady "blink, blink, pow!" of the Planet Bike Superflash taillight warning everybody behind me for a mile that I'm there.  I can hear cars approaching me from behind, and every one of them moves to the outside lane to pass- the decent, courteous thing to do, the way most of us treat each other and would like to be treated.  Then, I hear something big, really close to me, and before I know it there's about four inches between me and the side door of a monster pick-up of some sort. Here's the thing- he matches my speed, and slowly, steadily starts to squeeze me closer and closer to the curb. A big rev of the motor, a black cloud, and he finally passes.

The message could not have been clearer. "You don't belong here. You're in my way. I'm bigger. I don't care if you die."

I hope the price of gas goes through the roof soon.