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Body Work: The First Two Weeks

I normally expect to put these up once a week, but time has done that flying thing and here I am. If the gory details of my daily weight are not of interest to you, just wait for the next brewing journal or bike parts post!

Day One
February 7, 2011. 227 pounds. 30.8% Body Fat.

No exercise but for all the shoveling. Gotta meeting tonight, at work all day, probably won’t exercise.

Two 150 calorie granola bars, one for breakfast and one for lunch.  One Lindt chocolate ball (70 calories), a plate of goulash, a hunk of bread with butter. Water. Two fried eggs, three chocolate chip cookies, two bowls of kettle corn, one english muffin, one hunk of bread, tea with honey.

Day Two
February 8, 2011. 224.6 pounds. 30.1% Body Fat.

More shoveling. Another meeting tonight means probably nothing more than that will happen.

Two 150 calorie granola bars- breakfast and lunch. More water today- I got pretty dehydrated overnight and that’s counterproductive. Two Lindt chocolate balls. A burger on bread and some fries (home made at least). 12 ounces of roasted red pepper and tomato soup. More water. Water every time I think I’m hungry, just to see if I’m just dehydrated and thinking I’m hungry. A hunk of bread the size of my fist with some butter on it.   The list of things I didn’t eat because I couldn’t be arsed to write them down is a long one. I mostly avoided devouring the contents of the pantry while I was making dinner. That’s a good thing.

Day Three:
February 9, 2011. 225.2 pounds. 30.2% body fat.

None so far. Austen was up at 5:00, made it hard to do anything in the morning.  Kate had a meeting tonight, so I’m on baby duty. I am especially proud of myself for avoiding the box of “super softee” powdered-sugar dipped doughnuts at the office today. Update- I spent about 10 minutes spinning the rollers tonight. First unassisted ride!

Two slices of white toast with almond butter and honey. One 150 calorie granola bar. One wrap sandwich, roast beef and cheese with greens. One kombucha- 70 calories. Two slices of Donny’s deep dish pizza with pepperoni. In retrospect, one would have been enough. I had heartburn at 2:00 AM when I got up to feed Austen, and still felt a little full in the morning.

Day Four:
February 10, 2011. 225.2 pounds, 30.2% body fat.

10 minutes on the rollers again this morning- exhilarating!  I actually daydream about getting on them again and riding some more. Looking to add a weight routine soon.

One 150-calorie granola bar for breakfast and another for lunch. Damn “super softee” doughnuts are still in our office kitchen, but I stayed away.  I went with a cup of green tea instead. Dinner was a burger on a bun, about a cup and a half of mashed potatoes, a cup of roasted red pepper and tomato soup. Dessert was two handfuls of kettle corn and a small hunk of bread with almond butter and honey. Very satisfying, still feel sated at 10:00pm. Lots of water. Feeling better. Learning to occasionally feel physical hunger and not be freaked out by it.  Lots of energy, feel more alert.

Day Five:
February 11, 2011. 223.0 pounds. 30.2% body fat.
I was surprised to see my weight go down so much from yesterday. The scale showed a lower body water percentage than I am used to seeing, but I feel like I drank water like a horse all day yesterday. I’ll take it, I guess, but I think most of the loss was from water.

15 minutes on the rollers this morning- worked up a good sweat. Will have to raise the seat back up on the bike as I get more comfortable.

One big oatmeal pancake with almond butter and honey, two big glasses of water and a cup of black coffee for breakfast. Still feeling very full two hours later. Granola bar for lunch. Cup of pea soup, 1.5 slices of Donny’s pizza, and three chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Very full. Could’ve backed off a little on the pizza and cookies.

Day Six
Saturday, February 12, 2011. 221.6 pounds, 29.2% body fat.

20 minutes on the rollers in the morning and another 20-25 in the afternoon.

One chocolate-peanut butter muffin. Considering I made these and had 16 of them in front of me and at my disposal, I’m going to call that a victory. Two fried eggs on a single slice of whole grain toast, buttered. Two and a half cups of whole-gain penne in meat sauce with mozzarella and a slice and a half of whole-grain bread with butter. Four cups of popped popcorn with butter, salt, and a little sugar. Yes, butter figured heavily today. Nothing but tons of water and seltzer to drink.

Day Seven
Sunday, February 13, 2011. 222.6 pounds, 29.2% body fat

20 minutes on the roller after dinner.

Three apricot scones (don’t judge, I made them and they were awesome), two peanut butter chocolate chip muffins, a cup and a half of rice, a cup of black beans, one 10 inch flour tortilla and two cups of cayenne roasted zucchini.  Water and seltzer to drink and one-half (375 ml) of an Allagash Tripel.

Week 1 Summary:
Average Weight: 224.17 pounds. Average Body Fat: 29.97%  

Exercise: 85 minutes on the rollers and some shoveling.

Day 8:
Monday, February 14. 221.6 pounds, 29.6% body fat.


Cup and a half of steel-cut oats with dried apricot and maple syrup. A cup of cooked penne in meat sauce. 8 ounces of filet mignon, one and a half cups of mashed potato with butter, and a cup of steamed asparagus, also with butter. One half-cup of bean soup with ham. One half-cup chocolate lava cake with 375ml of Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence Ale.

Day 9:
Tuesday, February 15, 221.6 pounds, 29.6% body fat.

25 minutes on the rollers before breakfast- heart rate in the 140’s to 150’s. Too sore to spin much harder than that today. It might be nice to have a slightly smaller cog so I could have a little more resistance, but I’m going to have a killer spin on the road if I keep this up.

Food: A cup of cooked steel-cut oats with dried apricot and about a tablespoon of maple syrup. A burrito made from one 10 inch white flour tortilla and a half cup of black beans and rice, also some roasted zucchini. Water and tea like nobody’s business.  A cup of bean soup and a cup of cooked black beans. Three slices of whole grain bread with butter and garlic. A cup and a half of cooked penne in meat sauce. One small brownie and two Dunkin Donuts Munchkins.

Day 10:
Wednedsay, February 16, 2011. 221.6 pounds, 29.6% body fat.

25 minutes on the rollers. Was able to stay in the 160-165 bpm range tonight, either due to a bit of rest or perhaps raising the seat.

Food: A cup and a half of cooked steel-cut oats with a tablespoon of maple syrup. One 150-calorie granola bar for lunch.  One cup of bean soup. One ⅓ pound hamburger patty on one slice of whole grain bread. One and a half potatoes, one cup of cooked blue hubbard squash.

Day 11:
Thursday, February 17, 2011. 219.6 pounds, 29.2% body fat.

25 minutes on the rollers with a heart rate of 150-165 bpm.

Food: A cup and a half of steel-cut oats. A bowl (two cups) of bean soup with ham. Four small pieces of pizza plus two crusts Kate didn't want and a cup and a half of cooked blue hubbard squash (raw would be just gross).

Day 12:
Friday, February 18, 2011. 219.4 pounds, 29.3% body fat

None today.

Food: A cup and a half of steel-cut oats, with maple syrup. A single slice of pizza. Two veggie dogs (Smart Dogs brand, yuck, never again) Two cups of baked beans, one roll, two slices of brown bread with butter.

Day 13:
Saturday, February 19, 2011. 218.2 pounds, 29.0% body fat.

25 minutes on the rollers. A new saddle and pedals that allow me to use my bike shoes made this more pleasant.

Two fried eggs on a slice of buttered multigrain toast. Three slices of Costco pizza. One peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. One Lindt chocolate ball and two chocolates from a Whitman’s sampler box.   One and a half pints of homemade Black IPA, 7.4% ABV. Lots of water and black coffee, one 12 ounce latte.

Day 14:
Sunday, February 20, 2011. 217.4 pounds, 29.0% body fat.


Three scrambled eggs and 15. waffles with maple syrup. One slice of pizza. One bowl of pea soup, one hamburger patty on one slice of bread and two potatoes, wedged and roasted in olive oil.  One blonde brownie bar, one peanut butter oatmeal bar. One six ounce glass of Black IPA, 7.4 % ABV.

Week 2 Summary:
Average Weight: 219.8 pounds. Average Body Fat: 29.43%  

Exercise: 100 minutes on the rollers.