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Write Poems Get Money: Planner Dreams

Dear Reader,
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Planner Dreams

Ok so I’m a hack urban planner
he says,
no degree and maybe in this small town
stamping permits for backyard sheds
and locating dumpsters (oh the glamor!)
but when I dreamed
two mornings ago

there were three of us in the country
a Hudson River School landscape
with domed oaks alone in golden fields
and dirt roads, immaculate in the way they can be
and it was a flying dream, the best ones always are
where you move your legs like running and then you’re
just up there,
and then there was a break, and we were climbing a ladder
in a gray featureless room two stories high
Through a hatch and into another place,
one of our apartments, it had a window into
a room with brown carpet and fakewood paneling;
for some reason a hot tub
and there was another window to the outside
we must have been very high, the way the whole place swayed
and in the building you could see through the window
there was another room, this one three, four stories high
with a tower of stainless steel shelves in the middle
and at the top of that tower,
chefs in white coats, mixing things, oil and vinegar
and then joyfully casting them over the side to fall
as we all swayed so hard, we couldn’t keep our feet
and the bathroom in the small apartment was so small
you stood in the shower when you stood at the sink.

And that was it he says.
The daylight came into the bedroom
and I rose to put on my shabby clothes
and eat oatmeal and be late on the road.
But if I can dream like that
things are going to change soon.