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Body Work: Week Eleven Journal and Summary

This was the first week where I've had any kind of setback. All kinds of schedule conflicts (night meetings, etc) conspired to keep me off the bike more than I wanted to be, and in fact I have to give Kate a lot of credit for the times i did get on the bike, because for the most part they were all times that she had to put aside she wanted to do something to watch Austen while I rode. 

What exercise I did do was totally squandered by my horrible eating pattern over our long weekend away from home. I saw a little bump up in weight on Saturday morning, pigged out, and suddenly found myself up on my averages for weight and body fat, and a very, very scary five pounds packed on in the 24 hours between Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Anyway, it's a new week full of opportunities to make the right choices, but if I want to do this it isn't going to be enough to watch what i eat some of the time, it's going to have to be all of the time for awhile. And I need to be able to watch what I'm doing not just some of the time or in some of the places I go, but in all of them. 

Here's to a new week, tale of the tape follows:

Week 11 Summary:

Goal: Lose 30 pounds, from 224.17 pounds down to 194.17 pounds by the week of June 1, 2011, calculated using 7-day average weight.

Average Weight:  202.14 pounds, up .31 pounds from 201.83 pounds last week.
Average Body Fat: 26.04%, up .05% from  25.99% last week.

Weeks until Goal:  6
Progress toward Goal: 22.03 pounds out of 30 total to lose; 73.4% of goal.
Pounds to Lose: 7.97
Pounds to Lose/Week to Meet Goal: 1.32

Total Exercise:
180 minutes on the rollers, 75 minutes riding outside for a total of 255 minutes, 15 minutes more cardiovascular exercise than last week’s 240 minutes. This was four workouts. I hope to make it five next week, each of at least an hour.

Day 71:
Monday, April 18, 2011. 202.6 pounds, 25.8% Body Fat

60 minutes on the rollers, mostly in the low 160’s.

Oatmeal for breakfast, with brown sugar, walnuts and dried cranberries. A sweet potato for lunch. Two chocolate chip cookies. A cup of roasted butternut squash.A fritatta consisting of half a container of egg beaters, two cups of broccoli, some olive oil, a little bacon, salt and pepper and two servings of pepper jack cheese. With ketchup.

Day 72:
Tuesday, April 19, 2011. 200 pounds, 25.8% Body Fat.


Food: The usual oatmeal for breakfast, a sweet potato for lunch. A 12 ounce steak, teo cups of mashed potatoes, two cups of steamed broccoli, two chocolate cupcakes and two chocolate chip cookies for dinner.

Day 73:
Wednesday, April 20, 2011. 200 pounds, 25.8% Body Fat

60 minutes on the rollers 155-165 BPM.

Oatmeal and sweet potato, one slice of chocolate mousse cake. Four slices of my home made pizza. Three slices of salmon roll sushi. Two chocolate cupcakes. 12 ounces of beer.

Day 74:
Thursday, April 21, 2011. 199.2 pounds, 25.4% Body Fat.

60 minutes on the rollers, 150-155 BPM. Toasted by the end-lactic acid and dehydration.  I weighed in at 199.2 before the workout, 196.4 at the end.

Food: Oatmeal in the morning and a sweet potato for lunch. A handful of chocolate mini eggs. Several handfuls of salted and spiced cashews. One mozzarella cheese stick. A packet of almond butter. An apple. A 12 ounce hunk of meatloaf, three slices of buttered bread, a cup of cooked cabbage, a beer, a glass of wine, and a napoleon with chocolate sauce.

Day 75:
Friday, April 22, 2011. 202.8 pounds, 26.2% Body Fat. Yeah. Given yesterday, I can see how that might have happened.

75 minutes on the bike (outside ride) 155-165 BPM for the most part, a little hard to maintain intensity out in the real world, but the new gear was really great in terms of the kinds of hills you encounter on the Cape.

Food: A big meatloaf sandwich with a big pile of salad. Sole and asparagus in lemon butter sauce, a bunch of bread rolls with butter, two slices of chocolate cake with sauce and whipped cream, one double scoop of pistachio ice cream on a sugar cone.

Day 76:
Saturday, April 23, 2011. 202.8 pounds, 26.2% Body Fat.


Four cake doughnuts, two slices of chicken , one slice of roast beef, half of an orange, three scrambled eggs. Sauteed shrimp with butter sauce and peas, boiled cabbage and bread, bread, bread. A slice of strawberry pie with whipped cream, a slice of lemon pie, a piece of lemon cake. Later, another small roast beef sandwich.
Daily Journal

Day 77:
Sunday, April 24, 2011. 207.6 Pounds, 27.1 % Body Fat


8 ounces of smoked ham, one slice of buttered toast, one fried egg, several pieces of watermelon. Carrot sticks and a ham sandwich for lunch. Four slices of my home made pizza for dinner with six ghirardelli chocolate squares (420 calories there) and a chocolate cupcake.