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Brewing Journal: Batches #8 and #9, Entry #2; RIP Bourbon Barrel Porter

Racked Batches #8 and #9 to kegs tonight, each with a half-cup of white sugar for natural carbonation in the keg.

Batch #8 (German Altbier) finished up at 1.011, which, with a starting gravity of 1.051 means an ABV of
5.4%. Nice caramel nose with good hop bitterness and a touch of aroma coming in right after. I think this will be nice for springtime, still a darker brew but nothing like the syrupy dark Black IPA.

Batch #9 (Honey Kolsch finished at 1.011 as well. A starting gravity of 1.045 on that one means 4.6% ABV on that one. I did not taste the wort sample on this one but the smell was nice and the color was pretty much straw (hooray for late extract additions)

Sad to report a loss of some other beer as well- I lost the last five or so pints of my bourbon barrel porter in a keg leak incident over the last week or so. The increased pressure in the keg from taking it out of the keezer combined with sticky beer goop in the keg’s out post conspired to spray the remainder of the keg down the back of my brew bench and on to the basement floor.

I have bought my kit for batch #10. I’m going to do the Northern Brewer Cream Ale extract kit, which is the same kit I used for Batch #2. I want to see if some improvements in my process, like using a late extract addition and filtering more of the hop gunk out) will have any appreciable impact on the flavor, color and quality of the beer.

I also bought a capper/corker:

I planned to need this to free up the two kegs necessary for Batches #8 and #9, but with the death of the Bourbon Barrel porter, that was not necessary. I think I’ll still bottle off the rest of the Hard Cider so its keg is ready for the Cream Ale when I brew that. I bought a combination capper/corker because it appears to be the most economical option for bottling some Belgians soon (which get a cork and cage like a champagne bottle). I’ve been slowly building up a small collections of Belgian bottles, 22oz bottles, and even a few 12 oz bottles.