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Body Work: Week 14 Journal and Summary

A fairly good week of outside riding transitioned to a weekend of no riding and the devouring of delicious grillables. That's how it goes when it rains every day and you have a cracked bike frame. Tale of the tape follows, still losing weight and feeling good.

Week 14 Summary:

Goal: Lose 30 pounds, from 224.17 pounds down to 194.17 pounds by the week of June 1, 2011, calculated using 7-day average weight.

Average Weight:  197.0 pounds, down 1.27 pounds from 198.27 pounds last week.
Average Body Fat: 25.06%, down .25% from  25.31% last week.

Weeks until Goal:  3
Progress toward Goal: 27.17 pounds out of 30 total to lose; 90.5% of goal.
Pounds to Lose: 2.83
Pounds to Lose/Week to Meet Goal: .95

Total Exercise:
210 minutes riding outside, 0 minutes on the rollers. 110 more minutes of cardiovascular exercise than last week’s 100 minutes.  

Day 92:
Monday, May 9, 2011. 199.8 pounds, 25.5% Body Fat

60 minutes outside riding, 160 BPM average.

Oatmeal in the morning. Dinner was quinoa, tofu, peanut sauce, broccoli. Brownie for dessert- skipped lunch, that was bad.

Day 93:
Tuesday, May 10, 2011. 196.6 pounds, 24.9% Body Fat.

None. Late night meetings ugh.

Oatmeal, sweet potato. Burger on a slice of bread for dinner with broccoli, squash soup punched up with leftover peanut sauce. A McFlurry. (you heard me) a brownie, a slice of lemon cake.

Day 94:
Wednesday, May 11, 2011. 197 pounds. 24.9% Body Fat.

Brought my bike to work today so I could do a long ride home. First time on the rebuilt cross bike instead of the fixie. 70 minutes, 155 BPM average. Totally blew up at the end with lactic acid burn around my knees and down my calves. Wicked headwind northbound for the last half hour of the ride.

Oatmeal, sweet potato. A serving of whole-wheat pasta with tomato sauce and lean beef. Two and a half cups of broccoli with olive oil. Two slices of garlic bread, a big handful of peanut m&ms and three Ghirardelli chocolate squares.

Day 95:
Thursday, May 12, 2011. 195.2 pounds, 24.9% Body Fat.

Two 20- minute sessions on the bike (commuting). No idea on heart rate, but I’m guessing an average in the high 150’s. My rides really take more like half an hour each way but I don’t want to over-estimate, so we’ll call it 40 minutes total and be done with it.  

Oatmeal for breakfast. Skipped lunch (dumb) and ate about a cup and a half of peanut m&M’s before dinner, which was four slices of my home made pizza and a big helping of brussels sprouts and cooked squash.

Day 96:
Friday, May 13, 2011. 195.2 pounds, 24.9% Body Fat.

Exercise: 40 minutes on the bike to and from work.

Oatmeal and two small sweet potatoes. Popcorn. an egg roll, four crab rangoons, a bunch of fried chicken, a fortune cookie, two slices of my home made pizza, and several big handfuls of peanut m&ms.

Day 97:
Saturday, May 14, 2011.


One big slice of stuffed french toast with maple syrup, on piece of buttered toas, three sausage links. Two hot dogs in buns and one cheese sausage in a bun. One pint of beer and one 10 ounce mojito. Three chocolate chip cookies. Two servings of tortilla chips with salsa. One serving of cheese balls (the puffy kind)

Day 98:
Sunday, May 15, 2011


Thee scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, one slice of buttered toast. Many, nay handfuls of peanut m&m’s. I don’t remember dinner.