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Body Work: Week 16 Summary and Journal

Another good week down, and the second-to-last one at that. I even survived, no, thrived at the Disneyland of food that is my in-laws' house over the long weekend. Click through for the summary.

Week 16 Summary:

Goal: Lose 30 pounds, from 224.17 pounds down to 194.17 pounds by the week of June 1, 2011, calculated using 7-day average weight.

Average Weight:  193.69 pounds, down 2.45 pounds from 196.14 pounds last week.
Average Body Fat: 24.49%, down .44% from  24.93% last week.

Weeks until Goal:  1
Progress toward Goal: 30.48 pounds out of 30 total to lose; 101.6% of goal.
Pounds to Lose: -.48
Pounds to Lose/Week to Meet Goal: -.48

Total Exercise:
160 minutes riding outside, 125 minutes on the rollers. 285 total, 75 more minutes of cardiovascular exercise than last week’s 210 minutes.  

Gory Details:

Day 106
Monday, May 23, 2011. 194.4 pounds, 24.5% Body Fat.

65 minutes on the rollers, heart rate 155ish BPM the whole time.

Oatmeal for breakfast, skipped lunch. Three cups of popcorn with butter and salt, half of a fritatta made with onions, broccoli, cheddar cheese, potatoes and egg beaters. Ketchup, hot sauce. A big handful of mini eggs.

Day 107:
Tuesday, May 24, 2011. 194.4 pounds, 24.5% Body Fat.

40 minutes on the bike, to and from work.

Oatmeal. Missed lunch and blew out the rest of the day. 350 calories worth of gummy fruit slices from the office candy dish. Two big brownies. 5 dries apricots. Tried to make amends with a dinner of kale, quinoa, garbanzos and two fried eggs. Another big brownie and some mini eggs, four more dried apricots. Not enough water, either. Damnit.

Day 108:
Wednesday, May 25, 2011. 196 pounds, 24.9% Body Fat.

40 minutes to an from work on the bike and 60 minutes on the rollers with a 160 BPM average heart rate. Yay me!

Oatmeal. Skipped lunch again. Dumb again. A handful of dried apricots and a medium size brownie. Two bowls of kale/quinoa mixture. Two slices of buttered white bread and two fried eggs. 1/2 of a chicken breast stuffed with spinach and cheese, some roasted veggies, and a little mashed potato. Several handfuls of chocolate covered pretzels.

Day 109:
Thursday, May 26, 2011. 193.4 pounds, 24.4% Body fat


Oatmeal in the morning, sweet potato for lunch. Black coffee. Three slices of my pizza and a cup and a half of green beans for dinner, 12 ounces of honey Kolsch.

Day 110:
Friday, May 27, 2011. 192.2 pounds, 24.1% Body Fat

40 minutes on the bike, to and from work- I rode hard in the morning because i was late and hard in the afternoon because I was trying to get home ahead of a thunderstorm.

Food: Oatmeal, sweet potato. Two slices of my pizza. A plate of nachos, a pastrami sandwich, one cookie bar, half of a chocolate cookie, and a lemon square.

Day 111:
Saturday, May 28, 2011. 193.4 pounds, 24.5 % Body Fat.


Lemon squares galore, black coffee, ham slices, breakfast casserole, a croissant sandwich with pastrami and swiss, crabmeat curry over rice pilaf with broccoli. Lots of dessert.

Day 112:
Sunday, May 29, 2011. 194.6 pounds, 24.9% Body Fat.


More lemon squares. Ham. Ice cream (two times) Best hamburger on a homemade bun i have had ever. Chocolate cake.