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Require Cyclists to Have a License to Ride on Public Roads

There. Do I have your attention?

Require cyclists to have a license to ride on public roads.

We hear that, along with the bicycle registration argument, all the time.

After dealing with a couple of clueless drivers this morning. (I'll spare you the details. It gets tedious, but let's just say that inattention, cellphones, close passing, and failure to yield were all on tap this morning), I have a few thoughts.
Like this, but a lady in a minivan. She passed me with about six inches of clearance,
right after we were both stopped at a light where I was in front of her.
And people wonder why I take the lane. 

Now, back to my hopefully attention getting statement above. Let's add to it:

Require cyclists to have a license to ride on public roads, and require a Bicycle Operator's License (with road test!) as a prerequisite to even applying for a license to drive a motor vehicle.

That's better.

Even further, anybody who loses their driver's license should have to re-take both the bicycle and the driver's road test. My point is this. If more drivers had to, even just once in their life, ride a bike on the road, they just might carry a little bit of that understanding behind the wheel with them.

Lest we all experience the transformation from Mr. Walker to Mr. Wheeler:

A final thought. When I lived and worked on Cape Cod, I observed that living next to the water must make people mean and selfish, as evidenced by those waterfront owner's constant bickering with one another and their relentless campaign to obscure and eliminate public access to "their" beaches. I now make a similar observation about cars: Being in a car makes people stupid, cowlike, and desensitized to their environment.